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Water Damage Testimonials


Unexpected water emergency in our basement. We have an older home that often has some quirks so we weren’t sure that full restoration would even be possible. SERVPRO did great work in every aspect of the job.

SERVPRO helped us work with insurance to fully understand the claim, set and worked within the budget. They sent a team to our house the same day and then worked to get the mess under control and put things back together quickly. The project timeline, start to finish was surprisingly quick and efficient.

As is always the case with house projects unexpected issues came up and the SERVPRO team helped us to navigate the challenges and provided manageable solutions that made the house look nice and maintained a reasonable budget.

The SERVPRO Team was reliable and timely. They were there when they said they would be and the members of the team were friendly and respectful to all the members of our household. The work was what we agreed it would be and their ideas for how to make the space loom nice were excellent. They were easy to communicate with and responsive if we had questions or ideas.

Thanks to SERVPRO not only for the high quality work and solutions that were provided but also for the respectful and considerate manner in which they conducted business.

Our house is out back together and we are very happy with the finished product.

We experienced water damage from a leaking shower and SERVPRO was extremely helpful. SERVPRO found the issue, cleaned up the problem area and helped us find a local contractor to finish the job. SERVPRO worked together very well with the insurance company too! What started as a scary and overwhelming ordeal became manageable. We have our living room back in time for the holidays. Thank you SERVPRO!

Each SERVPRO team member for visited our home was professional and courtesy, even to our curious 4 year old. At the end of each day they cleaned up their work area, allowing our home to stay liveable.

Marty & Crew! Thank you for all that you have done and are doing for us!


Thank you for the excellent work you did for me. You made the water damage less stressful.


Peter D.

Through every phase of questions, tear-down, clean-up, referrals, and haul away SERVPRO was very professional. They made my sister comfortable with answers to questions that she then had to communicate to me; and they were very patient when they had to answer those same questions directly on the phone with me. Even though my basement was destroyed and I was away "freaking out" they made a bad situation seem much better - What a great group of guys. Thanks much !!

I was very satisfied with level of professionalism of your team and the the quality of the service they provided. Your crews were very professional and personable too! Thank you!

Your staff was very professional, courteous and sympathetic. They clearly explained the process,and kept me informed throughout the job. I would highly recommend your team to my friends - I was very satisfied with the service you provided.

I was most satisfied with their ability to quickly clean my house and get me out of a motel and back into my house and out the hotel! The team was VERY professional and courteous - I highly recommend them.

Your crew meet all my expectations and best of all - their timing was EXCELLENT!

I was most satisfied with their ability to quickly clean my house and get me out of a motel and back into my house and out the hotel! The team was VERY professional and courteous - I highly recommend them.

SERVPRO came to look at the damage and later the same day came with all of the equipment. They began cleanup immediately. Later that same day they installed drying equipment. It took three more days to get the material completly dry. As soon as they were finished they came and took the equipment out of the house. In the meantime they suggested a person to put the moldings back and repair the drywayy they had to remove. I am more than satisfied and would highly recommend SERVPRO of Hershey

"Brad, Dan, Jason, Josh, Garth, Micah (hope I didn't miss anyone) were very helpful during a difficult and confusing water damage catastrophy. I'm grateful and appreciative! Leslie"

"Very happy with the service I received from SERVPRO. They kept me updated on the progress and always returned my calls promptly, even after hours and Saturdays. I would highly recommend this company!" http://www.guildquality.com/review/2297859

Very high quality work, nice guys with whom to work.


I could not have been happier with SERVPRO's team. They were prompt and the finished work is excellent!? http://www.guildquality.com/review/2859180